Cellular REJUVENATION into the ALCHEMY of Infinite ONENESS

Live In-person with NoraWalksInSpirit

Oakville, On

October 7th & 8th, 2023

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Join NoraWalksInSpirit for a most fulfilling weekend visit as she soars you into a Spiraling Event that will stimulate your Cellular Molecular Bodies to become more Rejuvenated Revitalized through Her Infinite Light Master Teachings/ Energetic Activations transmitted in Oneness😊

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October 7 & 8, 2023

Alchemy" means a total change of state.

This Alchemy process is absolutely Transforming! It is powerful and it is the Awakening of the Dormant Cellular Crystals and Codes within your Body, Mind and Soul that we are all seeking.
A New ONENESS Consciousness is unveiling upon us; and we are more than ready to elevate our Physical Bodies now not just our Minds and Spiritual Souls.

It is time to sustain the Shifting, Transforming to now Becoming Crystal Light Essences within our Cellular Structure is the ALCHEMY that is needed for our Ascension.
You will Feel the vitality, the rejuvenation and the Light Crystals shimmering inside the body, you will know your Infinite Light Connection to Telepathy and other virtues is unraveling, and you will be enlightened by the Infinite Energies of My Infinite Masters.
The discussions, teachings, and Activations will be awe inspiring and yes… life-changing!

During this weekend your physical bodies will recalibrate and integrate a renewing Vibration of Light.
Opening Morning Teaching/Activation –

  • We will begin building the Quantum Matrix Grid System to ensure all Infinite Master’s Light vibrates inside your energy Body, Mind and Soul 😊
  • Infinite Masters will scan and move into a deeper purification of Energy blocks hidden within your Etheric Grid Systems of Time housing past life trauma, and reincarnate programmed Soul Life times of defeat.
  • Learn how to tap into your Quantum Fields for healing, harmony, and balance.

Afternoon Teaching/Activation-

  • We begin with radiating Light to energize the Cellular Molecular Physical Body, Mental Body with the Infinite Masters transmission of Light CODES into all.
  • The Revitalizing Transmission of Light Energies into the Cellular Memory Body/Mind will stimulate the cells to function and respond more rapidly to the Light Vibrations pouring into the Chakra Systems and all Systems of the body.
  • The Infinite Masters will be sweeping, scanning and transmitting Harmonic Rejuvenating Frequencies in all Cellular Memories of the Body to stabilize the Regeneration process of ALCHEMY
  • A gathering of Light CODES of Light Intelligences will spin into all Chakras to assist in the rejuvenation process of the Cellular Body.

Morning Final Review and ACTIVATION

The Alchemy process flowing within your Cellular Molecular Bodies that the Infinite Masters have been clearing, healing and preparing you for is ready for a Final Activation of Transmitting NEW Crystal Light CODES into your awakened DNA Codes.
You will now FEEL the “Rejuvenating Revitalizations” of your Alchemy Body, Mind and Soul Being that is now radiating Light.

At the end of this weekend you will FEEL

  • More Luminous within your Hearts, Minds, Eyes, Hands
  • You will feel the RADIANCE within your Cellular Bodies and know you are transmitting this Light onto others.
  • You will discover how the Formula of the Vesica Pescis, relates to our Cellular Structure and the Alchemy process of Rejuvenation.
  • You will become the LIGHT that you are from within and upon all around you, as many will See, Feel and Know you have Transformed.
Course Date Oct 7th. 10:00am – 4:00pm. Hot Lunch
Oct 8th 10:00am – 12:00 pm Light Lunch
Please arrive at 9:30am each morning to settle into STILLNESS
Location: 11 Bronte Rd. 2nd Floor Party Room
Oakville, ON. L6L 0E1


Are you coming from out of town? Holiday Inn & Suites Oakville @ Bronte


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I will be transmitting the Infinite Master Energies of Multi Dimensions of Crystal Consciousness upon each one of you and formatting a New Grid System upon you for renewing, revitalizing your Soul Light Embodiment in a Full Activation by the Infinite.
Both morning and afternoon Sessions will include Infinite Master Activations.
These teachings are presented in the Spirit of Love Light and Peace😊


About noraWalkinspirit

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noraWalksinspirit  A Master Energy Healer who is a highly trained Algonquin Shamanic Teacher/Healer and Advanced Telepathic Medical Intuitive Communicator to many Intelligent Light Beings from many Dimensions and Grid Systems Beyond.