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3:3 Gateway 2023

You have been accelerating and activating your Crown Chakras and Inner Minds into higher Quantum Vibrations tapping into your Inner Ears, Inner Minds that have been triggering Telepathic awareness and a stronger coherency of your Heart and Mind into ONENESS.

Breathing IN these Quantum vibrations into your Crown Chakra more often allows your tapping into the Crystals of your 3rd Eye Chakra amplifying your Telepathic Connections to the Light 😊 We are learning to realign and balance our Hearts and Minds into a vibrant coherent vibration of ONENESS in every breath we take.
This 3:3 GATEWAY the Infinite Masters are asking us to become more Aware and empowered of 3 Chakra Portals of the CROWN, 3Rd EYE, and HEART as well as the Throat, Hands and Feet.
These are the precious Chakras within our bodies that allows us access into higher states of Light Consciousness and assists in releasing lowering energies that block us from elevating.

This 3:3 GATEWAY we will be Clearing, Aligning, Shifting and Elevating ‘3’ Chakra Portals into a Transcending vibration that will be assisting our transitioning into the 5th Dimension of Light.

What you'll get:

  • Live Group Session via Zoom
  • Video & Audio Replay 

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