$734.00 CAD

Summer Solstice Alaska Master Conference June 2023

Embark in a spiritual journey as we pass through Divine Portals of Icebergs, Passageways of Unseen Holograms of Crystallized Orbs we will be Seeing, Hearing and Feeling a deeper Reality Connecting within us to prepare for this very Sacred Solstice of your Soul’s Journey quietly Sacredly unveiling a True Inner Peace and Inner Knowing of All that you are as Oneness within.

The Infinite Masters shall emanate their Holograms of Telepathic Light Teachings and Activations into all your Inner Hearts and Minds to awaken Reality Streams of Light even for one instantaneous second of a millisecond in your Inner Mind’s Eye, for you to discover your own True Reality of your Soul Purpose on this Sacred June 21st Solstice.

The Infinite Masters will be teaching 2 mornings and 3 evenings as heightened Crystal Frequencies pour through NoraWalksInSpirit to speak the WORD and emanate Light during these Sacred Hours of Teachings/Healings and Transformations delivered.


Please Note Celebrity Cruise cost is extra, and must be purchased separately.

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