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Gathering of Crystal Light Souls - Transform your Mind Body and Soul Audio Only

You will see, feel your own beam of Light of your own higher Master Soul to soar into Inter Dimensional Gateways and Portals of Knowledge where the Wisdom Keepers are waiting. You will experience the anchoring of Gaia's heartbeat in an Amethyst pulse moving up through your Foot Chakras to hold and tether you into her heartbeat, as you are soaring into reality frequencies throughout this next five years. You who are ready to open your hearts and minds to all that is arriving onto Gaia will bathe and accept these Transcending Frequencies of Infinite Mastery while Listening and elevating into Oneness during these Audio Recordings.

Thank you for enjoying the Journeys of Light Mastery that were delivered on May 6th

The Infinite Masters’ will be teaching you how to Illuminate your Aura Fields into Quantum Matrix Grid Systems of Infinite Mastery.
We are ready to begin building a New Crystalline Light Consciousness within our Aura Fields and Chakra Systems of the body.

I will be transmitting Infinite Master Energies of Multi Dimensions of Crystal Consciousness for renewing, revitalizing your Soul Light Embodiment as the Infinite Masters clear the Timelines of your bodies of any hidden and imprinted cellular memories within your Mental, Physical, Emotional Bodies. Then a beautiful Oneness Activate to realign and rewire you back into Reality Consciousness.

What you'll get:

  • 5 Divine Audio Recordings

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