$77.00 CAD

Alaska Summer Solstice Energies 2023

Simply become mesmerized and elevated while listening to each of these Infinite Master Teachings and Activations delivered for 3 days in Alaska Portals of Icebergs, Whales, Dolphins, Eagles and Mother Nature.
The Infinite Masters empower you with their Holograms of Telepathic Light Teachings and Activations for you to discover your Soul’s Presence on June 21st Solstice.

Opening Alaska Evening Activation: 40 mins.
Cleansing purifying all Aura Fields and Chakra Systems of the body to infuse the electromagnetic pulse that will build a Crystalline Essence of a Quantum Diamond Formation around a Telepathic Crystalline Consciousness. New Infinite Light Frequencies to generating and synchronizing your hearts and minds into Oneness.

Teachings Awareness of Shifting: 3:51 mins.
Understanding Hearing, Feeling of the Stillness not always Seeing, and allowing the Masters align you to the Inner Knowing that you are Connected. Connecting to knowing of the Infinite Masters

Teachings with Activation Clearing the Room and Chakras. 55Mins.
Balancing the energies with the Tent Shakers, Star Elders, Infinite Masters removing all energies in everyone and the entire room with a Merkabah Vortex.
Giving Permission for the Infinite Masters to be always Elevating the Consciousness within the Mental, Emotional, Physical Bodies into Infinite Mastery.

Solstice Morning at the Glacier: 14mins.
Infinite Light Energies of Tones and Spectrums of Diamond Light Particles are dancing on the ocean waves of Infinite Realities building the Oneness Consciousness.
Glacier of Crystal Light Beings and Tectonic Plates of sonar waves of the Whales, Dolphins are transmitting Electromagnetic vibrations into our atomic structures to accelerate into Alchemy Body of fluidities of Light Intelligences.

Solstice Teachings of Building Reality Consciousness. 27mins.
Accelerating the Consciousness into Equations of Multi Dimensions that you cannot See but FEEL in the Stillness of your Awareness. Breathing in these Solstice Equations to co create Multi Dimensions of pulses into all Chakras of Sonar Waves in Alaska to build Codes of Light into Reality.

LIVE Solstice Activation in Alaska: 54Mins.
Infinite Masters aligning all Kingdoms, Elements into Oneness Consciousness as we build the Reality of Love Light into all. Building Telepathic Abilities and Integrations of Reality of Oneness to all Dimensions.

Solstice Reviewing the Consciousness within us.39mins.
Becoming Oneness as you accept, adapt, and integrate these Multi Dimensions. Infinite Masters transmit Telepathic Frequencies in your hearts and minds of Oneness of Love

Solstice Video on the water are Rings within Rings of Light 4:45 mins.