MASTER CHELAS of ONENESS Consciousness March 14th at 1:00pm Eastern Time
2 Hours of Infinite Master Activations for you to shift Beyond


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Key CODES transmitted into your Crystallized Chakras

Hello Everyone, IAM happy to have you join ME and the Infinite Masters of Light this upcoming week to align into Spirit to become ONE within of your Crystal Codes😊

You have been moving into “Oneness” Consciousness as you are aligning and connecting into your higher Soul more often in the Stillness.
The Essence of Light Particles that you cannot see are now dancing within your Aura Fields as Quantum Intelligent vibrations of Light Consciousness.

Each day now, we are transmitting more Light vibrations into our Inner Mind’s Eye, Inner Ears, and heartbeats and our Minds are accepting adapting and becoming these Light waveforms of Consciousness.
We know our Chakras are spinning Wheels of Light and as they become Transmitting Vibrations of Light Intelligences within and around us, we can now begin to tune and tone into these various Light Formats that we are breathing IN each day/night now.
As any Chakra Integrates the vibrant Intelligences that we are breathing in and transmitting from our Higher Minds of Light we begin to transmit this same Light Mindedness of Intelligences into every cell of our Being. We are building a beautiful Oneness Consciousness of our Higher Soul Mind inside of us as Soul Light Intelligence
All our Systems must become Balanced and Aligned into these Light Intelligences for us to become Oneness and to be elevated out of density to become Crystalline Light Body.

These Infinite Master Teachings and Healing Activations in Light Languages spoken in CODED Frequencies will activate your Soul Light Consciousness into ONENESS.
As you become Absolute Oneness you begin to experience direct connections and communications of your Soul’s Light Consciousness that appears within you.
As you LISTEN to the STILLNESS vibrations more acutely with an accepting Mind you will enhance our Soul Light Conscious Connections Telepathically inside both Heart and Mind as Oneness begins growing into Reality😊

This Class I will be aligning you into the Infinite Master’s Teaching and Activating you

  • We will amplify and purify the process of Building a Divine Connection to our own Crystallizing Holograms of our Soul’s Grid Systems of Sacred Geometries.
  • Balance and align into your own Higher Soul’s Consciousness to transition into Oneness within your Chakra Systems to begin fueling your Quantum Matrix Body of Light.
  • Activate your Soul Light Crystal CODES that are transmitting above your Crown Chakras in Holograms of Light that will spark and awaken your Pineal Crystals to Connect into all other Chakras and Quantum Matrix Grid Systems surrounding you as we Build the Oneness of Infinite Realities around all to breathe IN, accept, adapt and come to Know and Trust you are Transforming and Transmitting your own Soul Light Consciousness in Crystal Codes onto all other Consciousness’s
    ALL is ONENESS and ALL is of LOVE, for you to become Master CHELAS of Infinite Mastery


March 14, 2023 1PM EST

Zoom Event 

Audio & Video files to be emailed to you. 

About noraWalkinspirit

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noraWalksinspirit  A Master Energy Healer who is a highly trained Algonquin Shamanic Teacher/Healer and Advanced Telepathic Medical Intuitive Communicator to many Intelligent Light Beings from many Dimensions and Grid Systems Beyond.