MASTER CHELAS of ONENESS Consciousness May 16 at 1:00pm EST
2 Hours of Infinite Master Activations for you to shift Beyond


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I Welcome you to join ME and the Infinite Master Teachings of beautiful Oneness to the Teachings and Healing Activations delivered in Light Languages of Coded Frequencies
This very powerful day of “16” being a ‘7’ in this year of a transformational ‘7’ year, we will be to clearing the deep rooted and very Hidden layers of Timelines inside the Emotional Body, Mental Body, Physical Body, and Etheric Bodies.
There are hidden Timelines that you are still carrying and holding onto as Fear or Trauma within these 4 Bodies that need clearing of unsettled frequencies.

I will be delivering a Universal Technique in an Activation that I have been using for many years to use every day to help you adjust, and actively elevate in a quickening to stay aligned and balanced, not just grounded. It helped me when I had lot of fear in awkward situations or conversations.

We haven’t completely Transformed into our Crystal Light Souls so we need to be able to call on something or know that we have a connection to an Infinite Universal Doorway
IF we can tap onto that Universal Doorway and receive immediate assistance from Infinite Masters and Spirit Guides then we are able to shift our Consciousness and align up onto Infinite Mastery Timelines and heal all that is within and around us into LOVE😊

May 16, 2023 1PM EST

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Audio & Video files to be emailed to you. 

About noraWalkinspirit

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noraWalksinspirit  A Master Energy Healer who is a highly trained Algonquin Shamanic Teacher/Healer and Advanced Telepathic Medical Intuitive Communicator to many Intelligent Light Beings from many Dimensions and Grid Systems Beyond.