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I Welcome all of you who have assembled and accelerated in the past month of 12 Infinite Master Teachings as we Gathered into a Hoop of ONENESS…. Breathed IN the Holy PRESENCE of your own IAM to arrive within the STILLNESS of these Infinite Masters and their Light Intelligences.
Each time we gather together more of you are Elevating, Adapting, Incepting and becoming more Attuned to Resonating within of these Infinite Masters Light Energies. This is the Divine Essence of your own Light Consciousness that you are breathing IN and becoming more within the Body, Mind and Soul Child as the Infinite Teachings/Activations are developing more of your own Master ME Energies of Light Consciousness as the days move on….


This next Level of “JUST-BE-ME” we will be focusing on Infusions of the Crystal Magnetic Frequencies that we will be begin building as Crystal Formats in Sequences of Light Vibrations into your Inner Body, Chakra Body and Aura Body.


It takes time for the Mind and Heart to assimilate these Infinite Light Energies of your Soul Light Consciousness, and it is not created nor built in one month or two it is to follow along on the Teachings and Activations with an open mind and active heart of Love to embrace these Infinite Masters of Divinity to elevate your own Consciousness to Transforming into Mastery Energies.

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JOIN the Infinite Masters by on-demand replay to become “Master Energies” to JUSTBE”ME”


This Final Activation Audio for this past 12 weeks is wow! I am grateful for each teaching, activation Peace, Love, Harmony beyond words leading to Infinite Eternal Holy of Holy that is I AM!

Wow! I loved the Q and A I found it gave me more clarity and yours sharing make it more real for me. The Activation was beautiful, so gentle and loving. I feel brand new ME today.

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. I’m ready to continue the work of JUST BEING ME and sharing this with those who are ready to receive.. through me as ME.


Love every lesson, so empowering!

Feel Lighter and more expanded. And so much gratitude.
Thank you Nora, and to the beloved Masters for bringing this program to us.


Love n Light to all

especially to All Infinite Masters…what a beautiful Blessed Journey we are on Great demonstration/teaching



This morning when I re-listened to the Audio and was brought into even higher awareness. YES!!!
I am feeling GROUNDED. This is AMAZING!!!!!!!


So much gratitude!!!

I feel just be me has shifted us into increased clearer Telepathic messages.

So much gratitude!!! Thank you all
Such an amazing journey.


The Infinite Masters of Light will be pouring in their Light Strands of Light Intelligences through ME, to be Transmitted onto all of you, so that a ONENESS Consciousness can become a Vibration of Light onto all who are here to Receive their own Master Energies.

Short clip from Day 1 of the Just-Be-Me Introductory course.


Here is the Master Outline for your perusal to Step Into Mastery with ME

Each Week there will be 3 Days of Receiving, Hearing and Integrating the Infinite Masters of Teachings that will include 1 or more Activations that week and a day of Q&A and Sharing.


JOIN “ME” with Infinite Masters for a New Level of Mastery
”Crystallization of the Aura Body Transmitting into a Crystal Light Soul”

During this next Level of Infinite Master Teachings and Activations these Masters will arrive in the moment to sweep, cleanse, purify your Aura Fields as you Breathe IN their Stillness of Light.
You need only LISTEN to your Inner Child’s quiet Voice whispering to you JUSTBEME… 

The more elevated you become of your Soul Consciousness the easier it will be to recognize and become your Soul’s Light Consciousness.
When you are in fullness of Knowing you are these Light Vibrations of Light Consciousness then you are Transforming within your Heart and Mind and your Levels of Mastery are Activating.

This Next Level of JUSTBEME of Mastering your Energies we will be Receiving, Activating and Integrating the Light Consciousness into the Body more deeply for you to begin to shift your existing Carbon-Based Body into a Crystal Light Consciousness.

Each Week there will 3 Days of these Infinite Masters who will be Speaking, Teaching and Activating your Aura Fields and Chakra Systems. Some days there will be others who will appear to Teach as Atomic Masters, Ascended Masters, various Science of the Mind Masters and Multi-Dimensional Ones to enlighten you with their Knowledge and Fractal Frequencies of your own Soul’s Light Dimensions of Time. The ESSENCE of their LIGHT PRESENCE will adorn you

This Month we will also be invoking Photonic Light Frequencies into the Aura and Chakra Body for you to envelope a Crystal Light Consciousness more inside of our Cellular Molecular Bodies

During this Month you will begin Awakening and tapping deeper within your Soul of how to Magnetize, Synchronize and Amplify the Light Frequencies during 12 Infinite Master Teachings.

We will also be expanding the Aura Body into a Network of your own Soul Light Consciousness of Sacred Geometries to be Activated around and within of Crystal Light Codes of who you are.

Your Aura Fields and Chakra Bodies have begun Receiving these Infinite Masters Light Frequencies and are now Awakened to begin Integrating a Light Consciousness within of the Photonic Light and Plasma Light to Create a Crystalline Consciousness 

Each Day we Gather we will continue to FOCUS on FEELING the LIGHT flowing within and around us and Integrating all that we would like BE of our JUSTBE ME Creation of ME…


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