Prerequisite - Mentoring Into Mastery

It is highly recommended that all students take Mentoring Into Mastery to help you prepare for Just-Be-Me course. Learn More Now .

There will be Infinite Masters who will be arriving in the Moment each day we Gather into a Hoop of ONENESS…


And they will KNOW what it is that is needed for all to Transform and where the Blocks of the Mind seem to be locked onto and waiting for the Holy PRESENCE of their IAM to arrive within the STILLNESS…

The Infinite Masters of Light will be pouring in their Light Strands of Light Intelligences through ME, to be Transmitted onto all of you, so that a ONENESS Consciousness can become a Vibration of Light onto all who are here to Receive their own Master Energies.

During this month of 12 days of Mastery, there will be Infinite Masters’ Consciousness that will be delivered in the Sequences of Light Frequencies that will coincide within all Hearts and Minds of your Soul Civilization Timelines.

Those aspiring to become Master Souls will come to know their own Master Consciousness during these 12 Lessons of Mentoring into Mastery.

Each Gathering the STILLNESS will become stronger as you become more elevated and more Attuned, Accepting and Resonating to these Infinite Masters Light Languages and you will begin to aspire to learning, healing and enveloping more of your own Master ME Energies of Light Consciousness as the days move on….

Much Gratitude

I have so much gratitude to you and those that work with you for the amazing gifts that are bestowed on me during the session. My heart feels so light with so much joy and love for my life’s purpose. My body feels so much stronger and lighter. Thank you, thank you!

So Grateful

I am so grateful to the Infinite Masters. Thanky you to Nora and Sandy you have answered my questions for the week.  I love learning the teachings and the laughter. Nora you giggles make me giggle

I Felt An Energy Shift

I felt I had to share my experience after listening to Session 4.  Wow I felt the energy step in and I asked for a message for me today. They spoke with so much love and honouring of my journey thus far and said I am now on my soul"s journey of great Mastery.

The Infinite Masters of Light will be pouring in their Light Strands of Light Intelligences through ME, to be Transmitted onto all of you, so that a ONENESS Consciousness can become a Vibration of Light onto all who are here to Receive their own Master Energies.

Short clip from Day 1 of the Just-Be-Me course.


Here is the Master Outline for your perusal to Step Into Mastery with ME

Each Week there will be 3 Days of Receiving, Hearing and Integrating the Infinite Masters of Teachings that will include 1 or more Activations that week and a day of Q&A and Sharing.

This next Level of Mentoring into Mastery will be Aligning, Balancing and Emanating your own Crystals of Light within to become KEYS of Light Consciousness of Mastery.
When you are ready to let go of those old routines/patterns and emotions that hold you back and pull you out of Alignment to your Soul Light Codes then you will Just Be ME.

The Book of LIGHT that houses these Golden KEYS of Light Codes of Consciousness opens on the very first day of this profound Course of Mentoring into Mastery!

You will FEEL the Divine Essence of your own IAM PRESENCE resonating to the Fire of the WORDS spoken and Infinite Intelligences that will be delivered in that hour.
As you FEEL the STILLNESS invoking heightened Magnetics of Light Particles into your Aura Fields of Light; you will just “know that you know” you are not alone on this Journey.
You are entering into a Soul Light Journey of Becoming “Oneness” of Mastery that is about to unfold from deep within your Inner Child.

Light Languages…
IAM HERE CHILD, and IAM HERE to begin the Awakening of the Soul’s Light Consciousness of all who partake in the Breath of Light that shall be transmitting upon all who are ready to Receive.

And as IAM HERE as an Infinite ONE in You, there will be many who will be lifted and shifted as these Light Transmissions of Knowledge will be tapping into their very Soul Seeds of Crystal Light Vibrations that will be Awakening during each Master Activation.

This Course is for all of who follow ME-Master Energies of the Infinite Light to enter into the STILLNESS within their own ME-Master Energy to find their Divinity of Oneness as these Infinite Masters Guide them, Heal, them and Teach them of Self Realization.

ASK…. Am I ready to RECEIVE all that you have for ME….
LISTEN to the WORDS that you hear and Feel within your Hearts and Mind….
then follow “ME” your Mastery Energy of LIGHT.

JOIN “ME” with Infinite Masters on January 3rd, 2022 to get Activated into a NEW YEAR 2022
“Master Energies” to JUSTBE”ME” will be every Monday (Teaching), Wednesday(Teaching/Q&A), Friday (Activation) for entire month of January.

It Begins on January 3rd at 1:00pm – 2:00pm Eastern Time

Session will take place Monday (Teaching), Wednesday (Teaching/Q&A) and Friday (Activation)

Via Zoom  1-2 PM EST

$144.00 plus HST

Audio Replay/Video Replay will be uploaded by 7PM EST of the day of the session.


$ 144.00

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