NEW CLASS BEGINNING January 17, 2023, 2022 WEBINAR

Chelas of ONENESS ONENESS – the KEY to Accelerating your Consciousness

WE, the Infinite Masters of Light understand that you have been Transitioning and Transforming in greater rates of varying Oscillations; so it is time now for the Teachings of the Highest Dimensional Frequencies ever to be poured into Man’s Consciousness.

Your Crystallizing Aura Matrix Fields of Light Consciousness are attracting and transmitting more Light Harmonic waveforms into your Inner Hearts and Inner Minds to begin to Synchronize to your Soul’s Light Master Energies😊


These Infinite Masters who Transmit Light Love and Knowledge through Me in heightened Light Languages in Tones of Magnetic Frequencies seem to Transmute your elevating Hearts and Minds to begin to Oscillate, Integrate, and Rekindle your Soul’s Light Consciousness.
Your Minds begin to LISTEN and quietly Spiral and blend into the ONENESS of Light.

As you learn to Synchronize your Hearts and Minds into the ONENESS of your own rekindled Soul Light Masters’ Essences of Light Consciousness, you unknowingly balance, align, and tone to these New Light Sounds, your Minds adjust even stronger Telepathically to your Quantum Matrix Fields of your Soul’s Light Grid Systems. Building the Oneness to connect even more.
This New Year of 2023 your Soul Being will begin Listening and adapting, shifting, and then Transforming into Reality Consciousness of your CHELA becoming a Master😊

Each month these Teachings will become more Enlightened as you adapt to your own Soul’s Light Rhythm. We will settle into the STILLNESS to invite the Infinite Master into our Hoop of ONENESS for 2 hours of Love Light Teachings/Activations and Q&A sharing!
The Topics and Activations that will be delivered in the Moment by the Infinite Masters include:

  • Breathing IN the Light Consciousness of these Infinite Masters during the 2 hours, for you to begin to understand how to Transmute, Oscillate, and Integrate, your own resonating Hearts and Minds to elevate into a Renewing State of Light Consciousness.
  • ONENESS of Light will begin Accelerations into your Holograms of Coded Frequencies
  • You will be Building Empowering Crystallizing Holograms of your own Master Soul’s Grid Systems in Sacred Geometries that will begin Telepathically Connecting into your Higher Hearts (Thymus Chakras). As you learn to See, Feel and breathe IN your Crystal Light Coded Strands, and Streaming Light Spheres of your Ancient Civilizations.
  • These Coded Spheres and Spectrums of Light Intelligences will all be Activated within your Sacred Holograms becoming ONENESS within your Quantum Matrix Fields. And you WILL become Enlightened and Empowered to become Oneness Consciousness of your New Soul Light Consciousness 😊
  • You will develop your own Awareness to Oneness of these Infinite Light CODES flowing within your Sacred Hologram of Light Consciousness around, upon and within you as we learn to Dissolve, Transmit Love Light Intelligences into all entering within your Crystallizing Magnetizing Spark Light Matrix Fields of Mastery.

Date: January 17, 2023 1:00pm – Eastern Time



Watch Now " August 15th's Webinar Information Session About  Intro to Oneness Consciousness Class beginning September 2022, 

New Course beginning September 13th
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January 17, 2023 1:00pm

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Each Class is 2 Hours. Video/Audio Replay will be sent within 24 hours of class.

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Refund Policy: No refunds if your ticket is cancelled less than 24 prior to the event.


DISCLAIMER: The Healings and Techniques performed are not intended to be used as an alternative or substitute for Professional Medical treatment and care. Please note that during the reading of channels you will be energetically guided and connected with the Channeled LIGHT BEINGS who may elevate and activate your own Divine Gifts within. An All Knowing and Understanding that all is in Divine Orchestration of LOVE, LIGHT & PEACE may become fully operational as well.

Course Copyright: The Teachings and Techniques and Audio Activation shared in this Course are not to be shared or taught to others. This Course contains high Level Teachings and Frequencies that are Spoken in Sacred Light Languages of elevated Knowledge. Please understand these Teachings for those who have Advanced in their Spiritual Knowledge of Awakening to these Teachings. Others would not understand and would have interruptive energies mis-interpretations that would hinder the Masters Message.

I AM NoraWalksinspirit

A Master Energy Healer who is a highly trained Algonquin Shamanic Teacher/Healer and Advanced Telepathic Medical Intuitive Communicator to many Intelligent Light Beings from many Dimensions and Grid Systems Beyond