Introduction to a Course of ONENESS Consciousness

ONENESS is the Key to Manifesting all that you are unto all Kingdoms

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Join noraWalksinspirit and the Infinite Masters for a FREE 1 Hour Introduction to the new class launching in September 2022.


Our Journey of Awakening and Walking into the many Fields of Dimensional Consciousness is now upon us. As we explore the Divine Intelligences within Infinite Consciousness Fields that blend us into ONENESS Levels of Consciousness to Align our Soul Body, Hearts, and Minds.

There will be Teachings delivered within Activations for all to become Vibrantly Attuned.
Light Languages...

LISTEN to that quiet still Voice that speaks within your hearts and minds with Love and Light. FEEL these Illuminations of Intelligences shall flow through your every breath that you take.

 These Teachings will be arriving through ME in Golden Fire Light Letters, in Frequencies of Golden Consciousness Energies that you shall study and become Awakened of….

You will find yourself aligning into your own Divine Silver White Light Chord to Balance and Clear your Hearts/Minds with these Light Frequencies of a New Light Consciousness.


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Join me and the Infinite Masters for a FREE 1 hour Introduction to the new Class launching in September 22

August 15, 2022 at 7PM EST Via Zoom.

We are Breathing IN Light Fields of Consciousness pouring upon us and have begun to glisten and shimmer inside of our Hearts and Minds as we are Transforming more and more each day

These Infinite Master Teachings of ONENESS of Light Consciousness, is for you to recreate and re-structure your own Analogues of Time that have been hidden deep within your Cellular Memories of Mastery. Many are being called to Align, Balance and Activate their own Sacred Codes of their Soul Light Frequency into their Inner Hearts, Minds and Soul Being within.

ONENESS is the KEY to Manifesting all that is to be in All Kingdoms and All Elements, and this Re-structuring of Light Intelligent Frequencies into all who are ready to shake, shimmer and Transform into these Golden Godliness Strands of Light Formations of has arrived.


Introduction to a Course of ONENESS Consciousness

We will begin with a Teaching and Divine WORD of KNOWLEDGE through this Master who delivers Infinite vibrations of Light into every Word that is Spoken into all your hearts and minds. These will be profound elevating Master Teachings that will be expressed in the moment and will have an Accelerating Activation to follow within you.

We will gather into a HOOP of ONENESS in a “2 Hour” Webinar of Infinite Light Intelligences so be prepared to be elevated and to be settled into a comfortable position with a blanket and water to keep yourself hydrated during these Evolving Teachings and Powerful Activation.

There will always be Infinite Masters pouring Healings and Transmuting in the moment and I welcome your Questions and Sharing to allow everyone to hold these heightened Frequencies.

This Course will be running each month for the balance of this year beginning in September.
And will be set up for an afternoon 1-3pm Eastern Standard Time. Cost of this Monthly Course $44.00+HST, it will include a Webpage for all Notes and Activation replays


"Thank you Nora and the Infinite Masters for all your love and support and this wonderful course. Truly life changing.

You are a Divine, Magnificent reflection of what we can all become. Thank you so much Nora and Blessings for this amazingly powerful journey."

"I'd like to express my deepest gratitude to you and to the Masters for Monday's teachings. in the morning, I had a situation that made me realize how important, relevant, and appropriate these teachings are in my life at this very moment and how much I needed to hear it. "

***We would like to know which is the preferred afternoon…Monday, Wednesday or Thursday?***

Please send us your day so we can make a general decision for September 1-3pm…
This September Course will be posted after the FREE Introduction Course on August 15th.