Gathering of Crystal Light Souls


May 6, 2023 10am to 3pm Oakview Terrace, Richmond Hill, Ontario









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You are the LIGHT within of Infinite ALL in ONENESS

Hello Crystal Souls expanding of Light 😊

As we explore the new Consciousness that is flowing within our unique bodies of Creation that we are, it becomes more revealing that we are changing into Infinite Light. We have Infinite Systems within our bodies of Creation, and we have awakening Hearts and Minds that we are transforming into a New Reality Consciousness of who we are!
And it is time to get to KNOW our Sovereign Soul and create the Love, Light, Freedom and Abundance of Infinite Possibilities that has been waiting our connection from within.

There is a calling from deep within your Inner Soul to tap into your True Soul’s Light Vibration, and when you activate this Merkabah Light Consciousness, you really become ONENESS of all that you are of a human in a Soul Light Vibration of Love.

The Infinite Masters and I invite you to participate in a Full Day Event to Release, Heal, Accept, Adapt and Become ONENESS from deep within to your Infinite Reality.
This Course will be your Awakening and Revealing of all that is to be released of your Known and Unknown Timelines including this Lifetime of blocks holding you back.
The Infinite Masters will be teaching you how Illuminate your Aura Fields into Quantum Matrix Grid Systems of Infinite Mastery and building a New Crystalline Liquid Light Vibration of Soul Light Consciousness within your Inner Body, Chakra Systems, and Aura Fields.

I will be transmitting the Infinite Master Energies of Multi Dimensions of Crystal Consciousness upon each one of you and formatting a New Grid System upon you for renewing, revitalizing your Soul Light Embodiment in a Full Activation by the Infinite.
Both morning and afternoon Sessions will include Infinite Master Activations.

Join NoraWalksInSpirit and the Infinite Masters for a Full Day Event and Audio Recordings


Audio Recordings of  Full Day Event


Join NoraWalksInSpirit with the Infinite Masters
For a Full Day of Mastery Teaching & Activations of building a Crystalline Matrix Consciousness of ONENESS within your Body/Mind/Soul

Saturday May 6, 2023 10am to 3pm Oakview Terrace, Richmond Hill, Ontario

Full Day Event $212+HST includes Lunch and Full Day Event Audio Recordings

Audio Recordings Of Event Only  $55.00 + HST

Audio Replay will be sent 4 business days after the event

Two ways to participate in this event. Live In-Person with and the Infinite Masters or by Audio Replay. 

Audio files will be emailed within 4 Business Days.

About noraWalkinspirit

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noraWalksinspirit  A Master Energy Healer who is a highly trained Algonquin Shamanic Teacher/Healer and Advanced Telepathic Medical Intuitive Communicator to many Intelligent Light Beings from many Dimensions and Grid Systems Beyond.