IAM HERE, IAM HERE….Holiest of Holies is of LIGHT inside this child now…
Welcome to an Acceleration of Light into your Consciousness Fields of ME-Mastery Energies.

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Further develop your Aura Body into Mastery of Sacred Geometries as we enhance and integrate your Morphing Aura Fields into Crystal Light Intelligences of your Mastery Timelines.

Begin Networking these Quantum Light Frequencies that is mapping inside your Aura Fields to build you Telepathic Mind into Mastery.



Here is the Master Outline

The Essence of the Stillness of these higher Light Vibrations that is encompassing everyone allows you to FEEL these Morphing Crystallizing Light Vibrations of your new Aura Body that you are building of Intelligent Matrix Field above, below and around you.

Each day now, you are sweeping away lowering distractive energies that is enhancing these Sacred Crystal Light Geometries inside your Aura Fields that are speaking to you Telepathically.

And in this Stillness… you are connecting and integrating more of your Soul Light Timelines that Transmitting from Beyond down into your Crystallizing Electromagnetic Matrix Aura Fields.

This upcoming month we will be further clearing your Consciousness Fields around you, so that you are breathing IN more and building stronger new Electromagnetic Matrix Fields for your Aura body to begin a Soul Light Telepathic Connection.

Your Merkabah Rings of Light are now Transmitting a Light Conscious Intelligences around you that is creating Crystallizing Magnetic Systems inside your Auras for you to begin Networking.
You have been building a stronger awareness to your Magnetic Merkabah Rings that have provided Protection and building a Pillar of Light around you for many months now
So you are now ready to Feel this Protection and heighten your Conscious Awareness to accelerate your Mind begin building and amplifying your own Sacred Geometries of your Soul Light Consciousness.

Each week the Infinite Masters will bring forward a WORD of Knowledge of how to empower your ME your Master Energies within you, to build a stronger Frequency within. It is time for your Soul Light Consciousness to seep inside your more. So that you can begin to See, Hear and Feel more of your ME inside your Inner Mind/Inner heart to expand brighter Light into all of you.

We are also going to enhance our Telepathic states of our Supra-Consciousness that is breathing In of the Light Conscious waveforms of who we are of a Soul Light Being.
We are going to build a stronger connection to all that is pouring inside our Crystallizing Magnetic Aura Fields to soon be ONENESS within our Mind of All Knowing.

We are All on a Soul Journey of experiencing these Infinities of Light Grid Systems that will begin breathing IN to our Hearts and Minds as we anchor ourselves deeper into the Diamond Heartbeat of Gaia to become ONENESS within of Soul Light PRESENCE.

Week 1: Reviewing the Holy Garment of Light of a Golden Essence that allows you to receive more of your Soul Light PRESENCE in a radiant Light within and upon the Matrix Bodies.
FEELING the STILLNESS breathing within the Heart and Mind and connecting into the Electromagnetic Crystal Light vibrations pulsing inside the Stillness, inside your Aura Fields.

Week 2: Adorning and Fueling your Matrix Light Aura Body and integrating the Golden Divine Mastery of Light Consciousness that is breathing IN through your Holy Garment of Love Light.
As you are anchoring your Human Consciousness in every breath you are also elevating to the Crystallizing Magnetic pulses that is within the Morphing Matrix Field of your Mastery Networks.

Week 3: Discovering the Sacred Geometries of your Aura Fields that is your Crystal Light Grid System that is becoming The Holy Garment of Light around you in a massive Holy blanket of Light that is Transmitting around your entire Being and connecting into a expansive Network of more than just what the Essence of the Stillness that is around you.
You will FEEL a Divine Essence of your own Soul IAM PRESENCE within the STILLNESS breathing inside the body, inside the heartbeat, inside your Inner Mind and yet dancing in harmonic Bliss around you as this Networking of a Massive Holy Garment of Light is empowering Light into your Matrix of Light Frequencies dancing as your Infinite Light Aura Body.

Week 4: A Final Gathering of your Infinite Masters Energies Crystallizing Magnetizing you in absolute completeness of your Elaborate Morphing Crystal Light Aura Matrix. You are now ready to begin tapping into Networks of your Mastery Timelines of your Civilization and Ancient Ones; that you walked as Masters.

You are ready to enter that Sacred Portal of Light that is housing your Magnetic Crystallizing Grid Systems around the body of Light Crystal Geometries of who you are at any moment!

You will be igniting a Light within your Aura Bodies to become Massive Fields of Light Matrixes of your Sacred Timelines of Mastery floating and weaving a stronger Shield of Protection and Light Intelligences of higher Consciousness for Transmitting onto all other Fields around you.

There will be Infinite Masters who will be arriving in the Moment each day as we Gather into a Hoop of ONENESS…. And they will KNOW what it is that is needed for all to Transform and will express themselves in Infinite Light Activations to remove any hidden Blocks of the Mind, as well these Infinite Masters will be answering all Questions and Sharing each week

Each Gathering the STILLNESS will become stronger as you become more elevated and more Attuned, Accepting and Resonating to these Infinite Masters Light Languages.

You are all more than ready to soar into these Quantum Morphing Matrix Fields of Light that is bathing your Aura Fields and tapping into your heightened awakened hearts and minds.

You are shifting into a Higher State of Mastery Consciousness, as you will See, Hear and Feel yourself Transforming into a Soul Light Transmitter.

You need only LISTEN to the gentle nudge of a quiet moment in STILLNESS to JUST-BE-ME.

8 On-Demand Sessions

Video & Audio Recordings Included.

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