Welcome to the Infinite Master Academy of Light Intelligences


The Infinite Masters are ready to sweep you into Infinite Stillness to purify your Aura Fields, Chakra Bodies, and expand your Hearts and Minds to Step into your Mastery Consciousness.
You are Awakening and Accelerating into these Higher Consciousness waveforms of Light. And you are ready to Integrate your Inner Soul Child to a Master Soul Light Consciousness.

My Infinite Masters will arrive in the hour each day to pour Stillness of Infinite Vibrations of Light into all Aura Fields. In the STILLNESS you will find yourself attuning, accepting then resonating to an elevated state of Light as I speak in these Infinite Masters Light Languages. As you Breathe IN Infinite Energies you begin infusing your Mastery Energies of Light Consciousness.
You will FEEL or Sense that Spark of Light inside your Inner Mind, Inner Heart that defines your Infinite Light Crystal Code of who you Truly are during one quiet moment of Stillness....

We are breathing in more of these Magnetic Fields surrounding us that are polarizing the positive and negative energies within both of our Aura and Inner Consciousness fields.
We are becoming more Balanced and Harmonically Aligned and Attuned to these Harmonic Gamma Rays that are filtering low and high energies of Consciousness within and around us.
And each day we are Feeling Lighter, more Aware and more open to Receive the next Vibration of a Higher Consciousness wave.

This collaboration of Light moving into our new breathing accepting patterns and letting go of old energies old thought forms is adjusting us, attuning us and we are all Transitioning/Transforming into a Divine Essence of our Soul’s Light Consciousness.
It would appear that we are beginning to Listen and Feel this new Light Essence as we are now and Knowing what directions and answers to Receive from our Inner Mind that is becoming a Telepathic Supra Consciousness of Soul’s LIGHT Intelligences.

It is time to acknowledge these Sacred Abilities of Telepathy and to begin building a Crystalline Light Vibrational Grid System that Telepathically connects us back into our Soul’s Light Timelines of Reality. The Infinite Masters have been Telepathically inspiring ME and aligning ME into higher Consciousness waveforms that is building and co-creating a stronger Reality of Light Formations into my Fields. These Light Formations are movements of Geometries that assist in building the Aura into a Crystallizing Magnetizing Matrix of Grid Systems for us to begin Networking when you are ready.

I have created this 4 Week Workshop of Infinite “8” LIVE 1 Hour Teachings/Activations for you to experience a Shift in your Consciousness both inside and outside your Body.

JOIN the Infinite Masters by Live via Zoom on Mondays and Thursdays or on-demand replay to Build a Light Body Matrix.


See what are students from the Just-Be-Me Intro Course and Just-Be-Me Intro Course are saying...


This Final Activation Audio for this past 12 weeks is wow! I am grateful for each teaching, activation Peace, Love, Harmony beyond words leading to Infinite Eternal Holy of Holy that is I AM!

Wow! I loved the Q and A I found it gave me more clarity and yours sharing make it more real for me. The Activation was beautiful, so gentle and loving. I feel brand new ME today.

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. I’m ready to continue the work of JUST BEING ME and sharing this with those who are ready to receive.. through me as ME.


Love every lesson, so empowering!

Feel Lighter and more expanded. And so much gratitude.
Thank you Nora, and to the beloved Masters for bringing this program to us.


Love n Light to all

especially to All Infinite Masters…what a beautiful Blessed Journey we are on Great demonstration/teaching



This morning when I re-listened to the Audio and was brought into even higher awareness. YES!!!
I am feeling GROUNDED. This is AMAZING!!!!!!!


So much gratitude!!!

I feel just be me has shifted us into increased clearer Telepathic messages.

So much gratitude!!! Thank you all
Such an amazing journey.


I have created this On-Demand Workshop of Infinite “8” LIVE 1 Hour On-Demand Teachings/Activations for you to experience a Shift in your Consciousness both inside and outside your Body.


Week One and Two of 4 Infinite Master Teachings we will assess our own Energy Fields...

  • What is My Energy Field FEEL like today, in every now moment what is occurring within me?
  • How to Re-adjust, then Refuel my Body Mind and Soul each hour or minute of change?
  • Is it possible to Create a Soul Light Mastery Grid System inside my Quantum Aura Fields to Magnetize and Utilize a stronger Soul Light Telepathic Connection in every NOW moment?
  • What I need to do to build a Golden Matrix Grid in my Aura and Inside my Body to align into?

***There will be Q&A and Activations during each of the 4 weeks of Infinite Masters Energies

Week Three and Four we will now begin Building the 5D Matrix Light Body of Mastery

  • How to anchor these Infinite Light Vibrations inside the Inner Body to build from the Aura Matrix How to achieve a stronger Alignment to the Crystalline Grid Systems of My Soul beyond 5D.
  • What is a Membrane of Light Consciousness that is empowering My Master Energies within.
  • We will Activate these Infinite LIGHT Essences into fullness within your Membrane and you will begin to Hear, See and Feel the shift in your own Consciousness moving out of lowering to Empowering and Enlightening as you quietly begin Becoming MASTER ENERGIES.

Once this Process of Integrations is fully Accepted, Aligned, and Integrated within you, you begin Adapting a Coherence of Light within your Heart and Mind to your Inner Soul Child.
All begins Transitioning, Synchronizing and Recognizing your Soul’s “Light” Consciousness.

This is the discovery of your “Soul Light” Transformation as Transfiguring Energies pours deep from within your Telepathic Mind of your “Soul Light” Consciousness.
You are ready to begin Networking into a Synchronized Crystalline Vibration of Harmonic breathing inside and outside your Matrix Light Body of Mastery of Light Intelligences flowing.....


The Course includes all Audio/Video Recordings on a Website of www.Just-Be-ME.ca



No Refunds 

DISCLAIMER: The Healings and Techniques performed are not intended to be used as an alternative or substitute for Professional Medical treatment, or Psychological Advice, Guidance or treatment. Please see a Medical Professional if you need help with depression, illness or have any concerns whatsoever.
Please note that during the reading of channels you will be energetically guided and connected with the Channeled LIGHT BEINGS who may elevate and activate your own Divine Gifts within.

Course Copyright: The Teachings and Techniques and Audio Activation shared in this Course are not to be taught to others. This Course of Infinite Master Teachings are Spoken in Sacred Light Languages. These Teachings for those who are ready to Advance in their Spiritual Knowledge of Awakening to these Teachings.